Whats Monotize Online All about?

A lot of things are happening in the Business world, When I started my Online Journey I have no guidance to setup an Online Business and that's a reason that forced myself to start this website and educate reader step by step on how to make things simple.

I get myself involved in a lot of programs and paid huge dollars to set up things that don't work.

One other reason for spending a lot of time improving this website with guides and answering is that I am actually earning some money from it-No secret friends. Some information on this website is personally tested and been using it for years which might be a great help for you.

The bottom line in Online Business is If you help somebody you will receive the same in return. Keep in mind the content in this website if free. Spread the word and feel free to share the message with your friends, family, colleagues.

Enjoy reading!

Few words about me....

My name is Mohamed I am the founder of Monotize Online. I am a passionate Digital marketer and an Online Entrepreneur. I am interested in Blogging, computer, and Mixed Martial Arts. I built my Entrepreneurship Journey since 2009 and from then I have been a full-time Digital marketer.

Being a Digital Marketer I have helped a lot of Small business and Start up's have their Online Success. 

Some facts which are not so Interesting.

  • I have a mischievous younger brother

  • In my past time, I fiddle around with Social Media( Bad habit right!)

  • I love camping, nature, and biking.

  • I am addicted to coffee(need help!)

follow me on twitter (@Muhammed_Shk) and here's my Instagram account.

If you would like to contact or get in touch with me email me or fill out the Contact form let's get to know each other.